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Default I think it may be time ...

About a year from now, will be 20 years old. Crazy!

I think it may be time to wind it down. Our forums are dead, the last post was in January I think, and it's normal to not see any posts even when you change the board criteria to the last 100 days

A number of the stragglers who still drop in here from time to time have buddied up on Facebook. I hope some are also even closer and keep in touch frequently in other channels, but it clearly is not this one

I think in the 20 years the Internet has evolved quite a bit, and social group havens have become the free norm.

The last non-happy b-day thread on the forum was almost a year ago (back in August).

The domain runs me about $37 a year. Last time around, in May 2015, I renewed it for 2 years, so it's paid for through May of 2017 (ironically, again, the 20 year anniversary). If someone wants to hang on to the domain name, I will do what I can to transfer it over. I'm sure there are cheaper options than Network Solutions, although they are the original main player and I have always felt safer with them than using a cheaper fly by night options, but my domain name ownership experience outside of this annual fee is zero, so I am very out of touch with the game

I hope everyone is really doing well. Not sure how many will read this (chime in if you actually see this thread).

For fun, and to leverage the actual features of the BBS, I created a poll below.

Kyr (Hank)
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